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Stefan Borg

Stefan Borg

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide funding to advance innovative, exemplary reporting on violence, conflict, tragedy and their aftermath, and to sustain global initiatives that prepare news professionals for the impact of covering traumatic events. 

We serve trauma journalists before, during, and after they go into harm’s way, bolstering their resilience and ensuring much-needed services and support.


"If someone had said to me we're going to send you to Haiti, we're going to put you in the middle of a conflict, people are going to be throwing heavy things, and windows are going to fall on your head, I would probably have not taken the assignment.  But when you're there and that's what's happening, that's what you do."

— Allison Shelley, documentary photographer

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Our Leadership

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Board of Trustees

Frank Ochberg


Richard McLellan


Scott Blanchard


Julia Pierson


Martin Evans

Holly Kinnamon

Kari Pricher

Javier Garza

Amy Putman

Robyn Hullihan

Chris Varrone

Donna Mackenzie


Staff & Advisers

Nicole Schilit

Interim Executive Director

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Senior Adviser