Trust's Frank Ochberg cited as trauma expert in case of abused California children

Dr. Frank Ochberg

Dr. Frank Ochberg

CNN sought out Trust for Trauma Journalism board member Dr. Frank Ochberg, a pioneering trauma psychiatrist, for his expertise on what challenges the abused siblings might face in the future.

From the story:

"The alleged mistreatment, which prosecutors say included choking, could have severe psychological effects. The victims could suffer from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which results from trauma that took place over a long period of time or in captivity, said Dr. Frank Ochberg, a psychiatrist and pioneer in trauma science. 

... Ochberg was optimistic about the possibility of recovery down the road. Separating the children from their parents "and giving them a chance to have normal, new family members is a big plus," said Ochberg, a trustee for the Trust for Trauma Journalism, an organization that supports journalists who report on violence, conflict and tragedy."



Robyn Hullihan