The world needs journalists to bring home the truth

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Every day, journalists put themselves at risk

both physically and emotionally, to go where others can't or won't, to tell true stories and bear witness.

The Trust for Trauma Journalism supports journalists as first responders. Our mission is to provide funding to advance innovative, exemplary reporting on violence, conflict, tragedy and their aftermath, and to sustain global initiatives that prepare news professionals for the impact of covering traumatic events.  

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What We Do


on violence, conflict, tragedy, and their aftermath.

Stefan Borg

Stefan Borg

By expanding the capacity of existing organizations and inspiring and assisting new efforts, we protect the the dignity, resilience and emotional health of journalists. 

The grants we provide are essential, especially in regions of the world where independent journalism and free speech are threatened.

What We Fund

We fund organizations dedicated to advancements in trauma journalism:

1. Existing Projects

Existing projects such as research on trauma journalism, conflict- zone training and post- trauma services.

2. Unmet Needs

Unmet needs among trauma journalists and new ideas in the field.

3. Enterprising and High-Impact Trauma Journalism

Enterprising and high impact trauma journalism that would not otherwise be pursued. 

4. Organization and Capacity Building

Organizing and capacity building for trauma journalism non-profits prepared for growth. 

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Trauma journalism needs resources to:

Enable Journalism Organizations

to extend their reach into routes along the exodus from war zones, suffering U.S. urban centers and areas of high need that organizations with limited budgets struggle to reach.

Provide multi-year support

to bolster organizational capacity and to offer organizations time to achieve their strategic goals, establish measurable program effectiveness, and leverage support from others.

Evaluate our work

by measuring changes in journalists’ morale, confidence, trauma knowledge and vicarious traumatization.

Foster collaboration

among organizations in training trauma journalists, inspiring self-help and peer support, and establishing networks of colleagues.